Chef Kate receives award from Mayor Parker

On Friday of last week, Tony’s Chef Kate McLean was summoned to City Hall to receive an award from Mayor Annise Parker for her participation in the second annual Ready Houston Preparedness Kit Chef’s Challenge, organized by Ready Houston, a government-sponsored association that “provides quick access to local and national information on disaster preparedness.”

Chef Kate won the competition with her “fish and chips,” a dish she created using only canned or packaged goods (like those you should store in case of a hurricane).

“McLean seared canned tuna coated in crispy potato flakes,” wrote the editors of the Houston Chronicle, which covered the event. “The fish cake sat in a Nutella gastrique made from the chocolate hazelnut spread, vinegar and powdered ramen seasoning. Atop that was a white marshmallow chip with blackened edges.”

Click here for the write-up.

Mayor Parker presented Chef Kate with a ceremonial chef’s knife, mounted in a handsome wooden box, and a certificate recognizing her contribution to hurricane preparedness in Houston.

Congratulations, Chef Kate!

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