Congratulations, Phaedra Cook, new food editor at Houston Press!

Above: Phaedra Cook, the newly appointed Food Editor for the Houston Press (photo by Chuck Cook Photography via Phaedra Cook’s Facebook).

In case you hadn’t already heard the good news, Phaedra Cook is the new food editor for the Houston Press, Houston’s weekly newspaper and the source of some of the best food and restaurant coverage in our growing city.

Congratulations, Phaedra! It’s been wonderful to follow your career from blogger to reviewer and now editor for one of the leading publications in Houston, America’s fourth-largest and soon-to-be third-largest city.

The title and job couldn’t have gone to a more deserving, talented, or nicer person.

But the thing that really thrilled me about the news is that you are someone who really has her finger on the pulse of our vibrant and expanding food scene.

Houston has always been a “can-do” city where the arts and business opportunities abound. It was only natural that we would take our place in America’s food and wine renaissance with gusto. In the last 12 months alone, the Washington Post and the New York Times (among other major national mastheads) have called Houston one of the country’s leading foodie destinations.

Now more than ever do we need people like you — who are in touch and aligned with our food community — to show off the treasure of gastronomic arts that thrive here.

It’s great to see a homegrown epicure like you take up the reins of such a widely read food page.

Congratulations to you, Phaedra, on a job well done and a title much deserved.

And congratulations, Houston: Just like our food community, our food writing scene continues to grow with the addition of talented, earnest writers like Phaedra.

Our food and wine community will only be the better for it.

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