Exciting catering news…

When nothing less than perfect will do, call Tony’s Catering.

We’re thrilled to announce that Tony’s Catering now has two catering specialists to help you create your off-site event.

Whether it’s a dinner party you’re hosting in your home or a corporate party you’re hosting at your office, whether a wedding or a milestone birthday party, Tony’s Catering offers the same attention to detail and world-class ingredients and service that you’ll find only at Tony’s.

When nothing less than perfect will do, it has to be Tony’s catering.

Please call Charles Gonzalez or Leila Zermeno to begin planning your catering event:

Charles Gonzalez
713-622-6779, ext. 113
Leila Zermeno
713-622-6779, ext. 114

And remember: We’ve already begun taking orders for the 2015 holiday season. The High Holidays are right around the corner!

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