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The Majesty of Brunello Nov. 28 at Tony’s…



Left: The legendary Sugarille vineyard in Montalcino where Angelo Gaja’s top Brunello is grown.

At the close of the 1960s, there were roughly ten producers of Brunello di Montalcino. Today, the Brunello growers association counts more than 250 bottlers and growers as its members.

Brunello di Montalcino is one of Italy’s greatest appellations for fine, age-worthy red wine. But it is also one of its most misunderstood. In the 1990s, when Brunello mania exploded on the U.S. wine scene, hundreds of producers appeared seemingly from nowhere. And in the wake of the 1997 “vintage of the century,” the U.S. market was flooded with wines from this picturesque Tuscan village. Much of the wine that flowed in the post-1997 era was superb but, as with all trends, much of it was also mediocre.

When Tony Vallone decided to create a flight of wines and menu devoted to the Majesty of Brunello, he reached deep into his cellar for bottles by two of the appellations icons and undisputed greats: Angelo Gaja’s Santa Restituta and Poggio di Sotto.

Wine Advocate editor Antonio Galloni has called the Brunello of Angelo Gaja “gorgeous… easily among the appellation’s finest,” an estate where “pedigree of vintage” is expressed through what many consider a benchmark for Tuscan winemaking.

Located in the southeast subzone of the appellation, the Poggio di Sotto estate has reshaped and reset the benchmarks for great Brunello.

Poggio di Sotto “is not only making some of the most brilliant wines in Montalcino,” writes Galloni, it “is now inspiring a whole new generation of young growers with his non-interventionalist philosophy to viticulture and traditional approach to winemaking.”

As bookends to two wines by Gaja and one by Poggio di Sotto, Tony has decided to open a Barolo by Nebbiolo master Bartolo Mascarello and a rare Recioto by Quintarelli, the “king of the Veneto.”

“I wanted to show how Brunello, like classic Barolo and [Recioto della] Valpolicella, stands apart as one of the greatest appellations of the world,” says Tony. “That’s why I called the dinner ‘the Majesty of Brunello,’ because these wines command our attention the way that Barolo and Valpolicella do.”

Italian wine expert and author Jeremy Parzen, Ph.D. will also be on hand to talk about these truly unique wines and their terroirs.

a menu created especially by

wines by:
Bartolo Mascarello
Angelo Gaja
Poggio di Sotto

tasting notes by Italian wine expert
and author Jeremy Parzen, Ph.D.

7:00 p.m.
Wednesday, November 28
$295 per person
(plus tax and gratuity)

Please call (713) 622-6778 to reserve.

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