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The Secret to Cipriani’s Carpaccio (we can’t tell you but we can let you taste)

tuna carpaccio

Like every one of Tony’s signature dishes, his carpaccio recipe comes with a fascinating tale that stretches from Houston to Italy and back again…

Tony attributes his acquaintance with the legendary Arrigo Cipriani, inventor of carpaccio in Venice in the 1950s, to his good friend Giuliana Camerino, founder of the Roberta Camerino designer handbag line in Venice, Italy, home also to Cipriani’s world-famous Harry’s Bar (where the dish first appeared).

Ms. Camerino traveled to Houston often for medical treatment over the course of her life. And her love of Tony’s cooking quickly led to a close friendship.

It was only a matter of time before Ms. Camerino invited Tony to visit her in Venice, where she promptly took him to dine at Harry’s, still in its heyday.

Over a conversation that spanned Hemmingway’s epic drinking habits and Truman Capote’s penchant for gossip (they were among the venue’s most famous guests), Arrigo insisted that they taste his carpaccio, a de rigueur dish.

And it was on the fateful night that Arrigo revealed to Tony his secret recipe for the sauce.

We can’t share it with you here. But you can taste it nightly at Tony’s…

Traditionally, carpaccio is made with finely tenderized beef (and it can be ordered as such at Tony’s). In the photo left, it is served with tuna belly and crispy capers.

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